Thursday 2 September 2010

Polka Dotty Interlude

Lampwork Glass Polka Dot Beads
At the end of my last post I told you I'd be back later with beads.

I didn't come back, did I?

I got sidetracked.

Our wedding is in about three weeks' time and my brain is all awhirl with wedding thoughts.  Chris and I sat down and wrote a to-do list on Monday and now we're setting about crossing things off that list.

As I've explained before, when I have things on my mind I find concentrating on beads quite a tricky task.  Yesterday all I could make was polka dot beads.  I think that the regularity and just-so-ness of them allows me to switch to bead autopilot and simultaneously think about wedding hair, wedding food and other wedding-related malarkey.

Even though our wedding is going to be a small one it's still stressing me out.  I seem to be in a constant bad mood at the moment and poor Chris never knows if he's going to come home and find a happy Laura or a whining snappy one.  It's a wonder that he still wants to marry me!

Please bear with me during this polka dotty interlude .....


  1. I love the polka dot beads so the more the merrier. You are allowed to be stressed, you are the bride. Good luck to you both and an early congrats!

  2. Those beads just shout wedding! Your head must be full of it. Have a great day. I'm so excited for you. And a bad temper is all part of the fun!

  3. I agree with Fiona, you couldn't get more bridal! You realise we are expecting a polka-dot dress on the day....;0)

  4. I'm dotty about those dotty beads - and I can't believe I missed yesterday's sale!

    To be truthful, you're to be admired - a wedding in three weeks, and you're still making beads for the likes of us!!

    I hope we get to see a photo of the dress - everyone loves a bride! :)

  5. Lovely beads, I'm surprised you can get anything done! I'm sure Chris knows any irritability is all down to PMT (Pre Marital Trauma) triggered by the wedding arrangements. He's a bright guy, he knows how lucky he is to have you.

  6. Only 3 weeks, may this year has just flown past, can't wait to see the photos, stop stressing i'm sure it will all go smoothly, just enjoy it.x


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