Tuesday 21 September 2010


Green Lampwork Glass Beads
Well, Fiona was right.  I knew midway through the first act of Wicked that I was going to have to make some very green beads.

After faffing about with various shades of green I chose CiM Oz (appropriate) and encased it thickly with Effetre Olive.  This has given such a vibrant green!

These will be for sale on my site at 8.00pm on Wednesday night.


  1. Now I just have to remember to get there at eight to buy them!

  2. Wow - I love how those beads turned out. They are so vibrant!

  3. Green is such a much maligned colour yet in nature there are so many fabulous shades. These are just beautiful and what a great name !!

  4. I love a green & this one is just juicy!

  5. such a good match to the costumes (and lights) for 'One Short Day'!! :)

  6. Thanks all!

    Lucy - yes! All that shiny green-ness in 'One Short Day' was exactly what I was going for!

    Laura x


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