Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Crochet baby blanket

I've been crocheting like a mad thing lately. I made this blanket for Janine at Cherished Trinkets as her baby boy is due very soon. Janine has got a lot going on. Not only is she about to become a mum and not only is she making her gorgeous jewellery but her and her fiancé have started a new business called Cherished Tea Party Hire. They've just launched their brand new website and it's well worth a look. I wish Janine and Kieran every success with their new venture.

Back to Janine's blanket of blue. It's crocheted in John Lewis 'Baby' Double Knit and it's acrylic.

Crochet baby blanket

I wanted to make the blanket in acrylic so that it could go in the washing machine. I like to block finished knitting and crochet because it brings the stitches to life. Some pieces can look like a crumpled dish rag when you cast off but blocking is a kind of magical witchcraft that opens up lace work and gives real stitch definition. I'd always been under the impression that you can't and shouldn't block acrylic projects but after Googling about I found this excellent blog post and gave steam blocking a bash. Sure enough, it worked like a dream and the baby blanket ended up with a beautiful drape and the stitches look lovely. The difference between wet blocking natural fibres and steam blocking acrylic is that the latter is permanent. After I steam blocked the blanket I washed it in the washing machine and sure enough, it held its shape perfectly.

Addi 'Swing' crochet hook

I also crocheted Janine's blanket with a super duper new crochet hook. It's an Addi 'Swing' one. Addi make my favourite knitting needles and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with one of their crochet hooks. It's ultra-comfy to use and I'll be buying more of them. I got it from my favourite online yarn shop, Stash Fine Yarns.

And now I am using the aforementioned Addi hook to make a cushion. This is one of those popular Ravelry patterns that you just have to have a go at and I am loving it! It's Attic 24's 'Blooming Flower Cushion' which is a free pattern and a wonderful project.

Crochet 'Blooming Flower' cushion in progress

I'm making the cushion in Sirdar Ella which is a cotton blend with a shimmery spangle of silver running through it. I popped to Dunelm Mill at the weekend to grab a cushion pad for it. I've heard tell of this Dunelm place but we've only just got one in Cambridge and Saturday was my first visit there. It's one of those shops that you can't leave without buying something. The feather cushion pad I got is really high quality and cost £3.49. I reckon that's a bargain.

I'm off to carry on with my cushion now. Have a lovely night!


Janine - Cherished Tea Party Hire said...

...and what a beautiful blanket it is! I love it! I have it folded neatly on his cot ready to go into his moses basket when he arrives! Thank you so much Laura! we really appreciate it! x

Laura Sparling said...

My pleasure, Janine. X

Maria said...

Oh where oh where were those 'grippy' cotchet hooks when I was young! I have a bad arthritic finger now from overusing the skinny old metal ones. I LOVE your beads btw!

Anonymous said...

Love the blanket! Where did you get the pattern from? I would love to make one for my niece x

Laura Sparling said...

Hi Anonymous, the stitch pattern was from this site. I crocheted around the edge and finished it off with a plain treble and double crochet border.


Laura Sparling said...

Maria - the hook is a joy to use! And thank you so much for your kind words.

Laura x