Monday, 15 July 2013

Summery Beads & Facebook Giveaway

Lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling

Good morning to you! I hope you had a lovely weekend?

I'm starting the week off with these ever-so-summery 'Turquoise & Mango' beads which just remind me of orange juice and blue skies. The set is available for purchase in my shop.

I'm also doing my first Facebook only giveaway. I've already had a couple of "But I'm not on Facebook!"s after I tweeted about the prize draw but I'm doing this giveaway specifically to increase my Facebook page likes. (There's honesty for you.) So if you're not a Facebook user I apologise but I do hold the occasional giveaway on my blog so yeah, I try and keep everyone happy.

If you are on Facebook and you'd like a shot at winning these beads ...

Lampwork glass beads Facebook giveaway

... then head on over to my Beads By Laura Facebook page for all the entry information.

Whilst I'm on the subject of social media, Beads By Laura also has a Twitter account. I tweet bead updates there whenever I have them. I do have a personal Twitter account  which you are welcome to follow too but be warned, there is language and the like. If tweets containing effing-and-jeffing, EastEnders commentary, rants about annoying stuff and adoration for the wonders of Cherry Vimto aren't your thing then it's probably best to stick with the Beads By Laura account.

And now to the shed ... 

Have a good day now bye bye!