Sunday, 7 July 2013


Lampwork glass beads

These geometric bumpy beads are made in such a retro colour combination. I threw the naming of them out to the good folk of Facebook and I loved Catherine's suggestion of using a retro girls name like 'Ethel'. This morning when I opened the photo of the finished set, I instantly thought 'Marguerite' as in the cookery book wonder that is Marguerite Patten.

I have my mum's '70s copy of Marguerite's 'Every Day Cook Book' (I've blogged about this before) and I've always loved how the photographs in it are SO brown and orange. People must have loved brown and orange food back in the day! 

Lampwork glass beads

Here is a photo of the beads on a page of the book which shows some preserves and jams. Brown preserves and orange jams, to be precise.

So, the 'Marguerite' beads are now for sale. Again, these are a one-off, never to be repeated set so if you like them, grab them whilst you can.

Oh, and lots and lots of you seem to like the Bumblebead I posted last night. There will be some for sale soon; I just need to fine tune the bee-making process and then production can bee-gin. LOLZ!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine,