Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sweet little strawberries

Lampwork glass strawberry beads

I love strawberries. Adore them. If I could I would eat them every single day. Actually, come to think of it, I am eating them pretty much every day at the moment.

Strawberries and a cuppa in the shed

As you can see, strawberries are my shedsnack of choice right now.

But anyway, yes, enough of real strawberries; let me tell you about the glass ones. I've added some little strawberry beads to my shop.

Lampwork glass strawberry beads

They're only 11mm tall and because of this, they'd be fab for earrings.

I'm going to make myself a bracelet full of glassy strawberriness.

Each little strawberry costs £3.75 and they're available to order here.

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SUnikat kreativ said...

this strawberrys are wonderful. i love strawberrys!