Friday, 6 March 2020

CiM Testing: Teal with Mica

This glass is a beautiful teal with mica inclusions. It’s not the fine powdered mica that you use to add shimmer to the surface of beads; it’s tiny microflakes of the stuff.

I was very wary about heating this glass up because inclusions can sometimes make a glass shocky and holy heck was I right to be cautious! This stuff pops and shocks like crazy. I lost about a third of the rod due to it popping and flying about the place causing me to jump and shout copious amounts of expletives. This bead is infused with at least forty-one different swears! But I persevered, the shed didn’t burn down and I still have my hair, so it was all OK in the end.

The colour of this glass is lovely. I wasn’t overly-wowed by the mica side of it until I got it on the slate for photographing and the afternoon sun hit it and I was won over. Originally I was going to put the bead in my Lonelies jar but nope, it needs to be seen so I turned it into a pendant.

Handmade lampwork glass heart bead by Laura Sparling made with CiM Teal with Mica

The effect of the mica is neither bubbly or sparkly but there’s something eye catching about it. It reminds me of the clouds of microbubbles I’ve seen in my sister’s scuba diving videos.

The bead was photographed indoors in natural daylight.