Friday, 25 July 2008

Beads to match the weather

There's something ever-so tropical and sunshiny about this colour combination. These are the same as the 'Fiesta' beads I made last week but decorated with some proper old school Laurabead stringerwork.

How hot was it yesterday? Making beads was torture. I had to give up in the end as I had sweat running into my eyes and my hands were so slippery I couldn't grip the mandrel properly. Painting a nice picture of myself, there!

I don't cope with that kind of heat. And yes, I know that I'm moaning about hot weather after weeks of non-summery rain and cloud but come on, yesterday's mugginess was horrid. Give me crisp, chilly-but-sunny autumn weather over the hot, clammy and so-humid-my-hair's-fuzzed-up summer stuff any day!

That's it from me this week. I'm expecting a glass delivery next week which consists of loads of my favourite-to-work-with colours as well as some funky stuff so hopefully lots of new beads will be born.

I'm off to Cambridge this afternoon. Have yourself a fab weekend!


Caroline B said...

Remember a few years ago when we had a week of temperatures in the 100's? We went to see marbles being made in Devon and wondered then how people manage to work glass during heatwaves - not fun then? These beads were worth it though - love that colour mix! Have a good weekend!

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Great beads Laura!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

J xx

Jewellery Craft said...

Hello you, sorry not blogged for a while but wanted to catch up and say I really LOVE these beads, love the Mediterranean feel to them.

Your recent posts had me in stitches, poor window cleaners or should I say lucky window cleaners! Cheered me up no end!


Laura said...

No Caroline - not fun. It's not nice to be in a hot shed with a hot kiln and a hot torch, all of which seem to get hotter and hotter as the day goes on. HOT!

Thanks for the great comments.

Nice to see you, Mandie! :o)

Laura x