Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Squirly Flower

It's actually called a Lisianthus but I reckon 'Squirly Flower' describes it better! I bought myself these flowers earlier and I think I actually like them more in bud than in bloom.

I've no beads to show you as I haven't made any for a few days. I had my niece Robyn over to stay this weekend. She slept on her inflatable mattress in my room and at about 5.20 on Sunday morning I was woken up by a little voice saying "Auntie Laura is it time to get up yet?" and when I replied that no it wasn't she said "But I just heard a chicken outside and it said 'Cock-a-doodle-doo' so I think it is time to get up, Auntie Laura!". That made me laugh!

Today I've been taking step-by-step photographs for a magazine tutorial that my friend Nicky is working on. We had a good day full of nattering and coffee - always good.

The other day I wrote a new post for Watch Me Create. This one is about my Cloud beads. Please click here if you fancy a look-see.

No house news. We've had several viewers and about three of those are really interested but they haven't sold their properties so all in all not much is happening on the house-selling front. Yawn!

Hopefully I'll post again tomorrow with some beads to show you!


Sue Doran said...

Purple ... typical! ;-)

Laura said...

Naturally. You know I likes my purple. ;o)

Tina said...

These are my fav flowers. I prefer them in bud also.