Tuesday, 29 July 2008


These twisty petal-shaped beads make such a lovely twinkly noise as they knock against each other. I can imagine them as part of a really eyecatching necklace.

This weekend was a bit of a cinema weekend. Chris's parents were visiting and on Saturday we went to see The Dark Knight with them. Good film - Heath Ledger's Joker is an amazing character. On Sunday Chris and I saw WALL-E. I'm not a huge fan of totally animated CGI-type movies but I really enjoyed it. I particularly liked Hal, WALL-E's cute little cockroach friend!

And then of course yesterday I had the pleasure of travelling on the tube in that stifling heat. It was grim down in them there tunnels. No air. The bing-bong-announcey woman was even telling people to carry a bottle of water with them. How the heck do commuters and London dwellers cope with daily tube journeys, especially in hot weather?


Caroline B said...

You are excelling yourself lately - these are amazing!

Virginia Rees said...

These beads are gorgeous Laura, especially like the petal ones.

May you never tire of melting glass and turning it into such fantastic beads.

BeadyPool said...

Gorgeous gorgeous petal beads - love the sparkles on the end too.
So know what you mean about the tube - hubby does it most days, don't know how he can. The few times I did it, it did my head in. In winter its freezing above ground then hot and sweaty on the tube and in summer it is just, well just too darn hot. Too many people, too much noise and too much heat and all for what? Give me a bit of open space any day!

Jo said...

Those petals are fantastic!

Good to hear what you thought of WALL-E - we've been thinking about going to see it.

Lynda said...

Absolutely stunning beads!

Laura said...

Thank you all for the really great bead compliments!

Veryan - your husband has my sypmathy. I would hate to have to travel on the tube every day. Twice a fortnight is too much for me! It's not just the heat it's the miserable-ness of most of the passengers. I hate the way that you're expected to leave your smile at the top of the down escalator!

Laura x

Debbie said...

Gorgeous petal beads, I'm sorry I missed out on those, are you going to make any more?

Steph @ Handmade Heaven Glassy Goodies said...

Oo, Laura, those petal beads are beeeeeautiful! Lovely colours too. I love your precision stringer stuff but I also love it when you surprise me when you do something totally different!

dark knight - i am going to see it again tomorrow. you're right, heath did an amazing joker. i was thinking all the talk was just hype by the boy done real good. i also love michael caine as alfred. normally i can't stand him but i think this role suits him. WALL-E i also adored. what a 'nice' film. not often you get something totally innocent and sweet. i have to say i did panic at the beginning bit with the cockroach, the "noooooooooo!" moment, am sure you know which bit i mean! anyway, good luck with that move. steph :)

Laura said...

Thanks Steph!

Yep - Heath Ledger certainly delivers as the Joker. Freaked me right out! I do think they should have made the movie a 15 certificate, though.

WALL-E is cute. I loved the scene with him and EVE floating about in space where he wooshes himself along with the fire extinguisher. Brilliant!

Laura x

Steph @ Handmade Heaven Glassy Goodies said...

def agree the certificate for batman is too low. some bits were pretty nasty! (esp. the knees bit. OW!)

Indonesia Heritage said...

It's beautiful =)