Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Cheerful Flowers

I had a bit of a naff start to the week. Marlene, my oldest guinea pig, died at the weekend. She was pretty old - seven is quite an age for a cavy. So I made these cheer-myself-up beads. I think that these funky flowers would make great earrings.

I did have a nice weekend, though. Chris and I went to the cinema to see Mamma Mia! which I was looking forward to. Hmmm - I wouldn't say it's a bad film but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. It contains a large amount of girly squealing and lots of odd let's-just-sing-this-totally-irrelevant-Abba-tune moments. It was a bright, happy movie but I left the cinema thinking 'What was all that about?!'. I also felt embarrassed for Colin Firth when he burst into song. There was something not-quite-right about Mr Darcy crooning an Abba song in a slightly wimpy manner!

Chris gave me a beautiful gift. I think he must have read my post about Boodles because on Friday night he presented me with this :

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that this earring is a piece of cheap plastic tat that came free on the front of Disney's Princess magazine and was carelessly dropped in the street by a four year old girl. But no. Oh no, no, no. Chris assures me that it is genuine platinum encrusted with fancy cut diamonds and a priceless pink sapphire heart. Plus it's a clip-on - I mean it has to be because all those carats would be quite weighty for the average pierced ear, wouldn't they?! And I know there's only one but as you can see it's so expensive that Chris could only afford a single earring at this moment in time. I'm sure he's going to save up for the other one for me.

Aren't I a lucky, lucky girl?! ;o)


Nicky said...

OMG... How lucky are you! Dean has never brought me anything as wonderful as your fella did. I have shown him this post and made him feel thoroughly ashamed that he hasnt lavished me with such bling.

Ps. Can i try it on when i see you next, ill let you play with my Barbie doll ?

Laura said...

Well, Dean should feel thoroughly ashamed of himself! ;o)

Of course you can try it on. It's locked away in my Polly Pocket Treasure Chest for safekeeping .....

Anonymous said...

i love that sapphire heart.

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Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

He he he! I am so showing Mark this! I hope he hangs his head in shame too!

Hope your feeling a little more cheered up! I hate loosing pets it's so strange without them!

J xx

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Oh and meant to say that those flowers are adorable!!!

Caroline B said...

Wow, he spoils you! All I get is a jar of Plop (see my blog!)
Lovely flowers...sorry to hear about your guinea pig.

Laura said...

Thanks Janine!

Caroline - I saw the jar of 'Plop' on your blog the other week. Made me giggle!