Thursday, 18 September 2008

Follow Me!

You may have noticed the 'Follow Me' thing over on the right hand side of my blog. This new 'Follower' gadget allows you to keep track of blogs that you read. It also adds a thumbnail of your profile photo to my sidebar. I'm a nosy blogger and whenever I see one of those thumbnails on someone else's blog I'll click and have a read of their profile. This normally leads to me reading their blog. I've found some really good ones since Blogger introduced the Follower gadget!

When you log into the dashboard of your Blogger account there's a new panel titled 'Blogs I'm Following'. Just click the 'add' button and follow the instructions to make a list of all the blogs you like to keep up to date with. Blogs thrive on links and comments and the Follower gadget boosts that - we all join cyber-hands and create some blog traffic. Yeah!

Talking of links, I've cleaned up my links list and removed some blogs that haven't been updated for a long while. That's nothing against the writers of the blogs, it's just a tidying up thing. If you're one of those people and you get blogging again, give me a nudge and I'll stick you back on the list. I'm just trying to keep things organised. I'm going to be having a link clear-up on my actual website soon too.

I'll probably be quiet for the next few days. Lots going on. Packing to do. I've made my last beads in the shed and now I've got to empty it. *Sniff!*

Have a good weekend whatever you're up to!


Anonymous said...

And what a set to end on. Fabulaous beads. Hope you have taken plenty of pictures of your studio, I'm sure there are many happy memories that a picture can bring back in the years to come.
Good luck with the packing. I don't envy you there.
Have a great weekend too, weather's looking good so you might get to have a break outside.

BeadyPool said...

All the best for the move - I have my fingers crossed it all goes smoothly for you.

Caroline B said...

Good luck with the move Laura - just think of how warm and cosy you will be during the winter in your new beading space!