Monday 1 September 2008

'Mostly Magenta'

Mostly Magenta Lampwork Glass BeadsOne for all the pinkaholics out there!

So, we're in September and are therefore sliding down the slippery slope towards Christmas. I saw a Christmas tree for sale on one of the TV shopping channels the other night and I reckon we'll be seeing huge tins of Quality Street, crackers and festive gift wrap and greetings cards in the shops before the month is at an end.
Oh joy.

Lampwork Glass Beads For Pandora BraceletsMore Torus beads. Don't you just love the yellow and pink together? Reminds me of sweets - those yellow bananas and pink shrimps. They don't taste the same as they used to. It's just no fun since they took all the E-numbers and artificial naughty stuff out of them!


  1. I know what you mean Laura! Pot noodles are no fun since they took all the salt out!!!

    Love those beads! It's a good job I was working late last night, the shade of pink is gorgeous!!

  2. Loving the pink combo, gorgeous. Debenhams had a fair few christmas decs in last Fri - I find it all a bit depressing and then it suddenly creeps up on you and then your aren't organised. Our local pubs are taking Christmas bookings - I'm sure there is about 15 weeks or so to go yet.

  3. They are very you, Janine! I know you like that mix of candy pink and dark pink.

    Christmas decoration last Friday, Veryan? That means that was in August. Lunacy! We'll all be sick of Christmas by the time it arrives.


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