Thursday 4 September 2008


CupcakesIt's my niece Robyn's fourth birthday today so I've made these cute cupcakes to take with me when I go and see her this afternoon. Vanilla cakes topped with pink buttercream decorated with sugar flowers and a dusting of spangly edible glitter. Yum!


  1. No way is it her fourth birthday already !!! Oh my, im getting old. What fabby looking cakes, what are the chances that a few go missing before you take them over ??? ;)

  2. Slurp! Just e-mail me one of those will you?!

  3. I know - time flies!

    Actually, I've been good. I haven't eaten a single one. Mind you, that may well be because I ate a fair amount of buttercream - gotta eat what's left in the bowl, haven't you?!

    Caroline - I'll send one as an attachment! ;o)

  4. Flummin' 'eck - where do you find the time to be this goddess of all things lovely? Not fair. Copy me in on that email to Caroline please!

  5. Yes Laura everything you do turns out perfect! These look fab!

    Janine :o)

  6. Rach - 'Goddess Of All Things Lovely'?! I wish. As for time - I hate doing nothing. If I've got an hour or so spare I'll find something to make or do!

    Cheers Janine! :o)

    L xxx

  7. I make cupcakes too but mine don't look as scrumptious as yours! I count myself lucky if the icing sets!

    These are absolutely dreamy!

  8. Thanks Mary. Robyn seemed to like them - especially the glittery icing!

  9. Wrong blog to look at tonight, I am on day 5 of my diet and I started salavating when I saw those cupcakes!!!!!

    They look like they are from a very posh bakery! I bet they taste yummy...*she says licking her computer screen*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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