Tuesday 2 September 2008

A non-beady Laura creation

Red & White Polka Dot BagWhen I'm travelling to and from Cambridge I find that my normal handbag just isn't big enough. Sure, it may look nice with its shiny silverness but it's no good for holding my book, iPod, purse, phone and other travelling and handbag-related paraphernalia. When I was browsing around my favourite haberdashery (love that word) shop the other day I saw some fab red and white polka dot fabric and I thought I'd make myself a bag from it.

It's quite roomy and fastens with a swanky magnetic closure. The big red button does nothing except look nice. I love buttons - I ended up buying a huge transparent lavender-coloured one. I have no idea what I'll use it for but I just knew I had to have it in my life!

Red & White Polka Dot BagI've got a bit of a thing for red and white polka dots at the moment (understatement) and I've always been partial to black and white stripes so I decided to line my bag with some. I really enjoyed making this bag. I think I might have to make another .....


  1. Love that bag...I could do with one for all my gear and Ryvers!!

    Haberdashery is my all time favourite word.

    Will email you later...
    Love the beads.

  2. Thanks T!

    'Haberdashery' is a great word, isn't it? :o)

  3. Umm how long have i known you ?? i didnt know you could sew !

    I WANT ONE !

    Oh and i had much fun today browsing the haberdashery of john lewis !

  4. You clever thing! This is lovely, well done!

  5. Nicky - did you never know that about me?! John Lewis's haberdashery (word of the day) department is great. I love Fabric Land in East Street best, though. So much stuff in one little shop!

    Thanks Caroline - I take that as a huge compliment coming from you, oh Queen of Crafty Things! :o)

  6. haberdashery....

    .....just so I can use the word too!

    Love he bag Laura, in fact I'm a little bit jealous, you clever thing you!!!

    The button is super cute and the red poker dots are so sweet!

    J x

  7. Ummm, lovely! Not that I'm a bag addict as well as a bead addict or anything!

  8. hi Laura, your bag looks great - you are inspiring me to get my machine out and have a go myself... I don't think the finish on mine would be as 'professional' as your looks though!
    Ali ;)

  9. I really like the button too, Janine!

    Thanks Jo, and Ali - get the machine out and get stitching! I used a mixture of patterns that I found online for mine. Just Google 'tote bag pattern'. I would put a link but as I say I used a mish-mash of about four sets of instructions to make the bag I had in my head.

  10. Oooh a woman of many talents - that bag is fab Laura. My limit was a cushion the other day for my hall, mum helped me cover a roman blind also for the hall buts its a bit wonky :) - I can hardly sew in a straight line and sooo wish I could.
    Aren't haberdashery shops like an Aladdin's cave - I usually spend a fortune on things I can't or don't know how to use.


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