Monday, 30 March 2009

Dylan's Pinwheel Cupcakes

Dylan's Pinwheel CupcakesJust got in. Lots of travelling today - Cambridge, through London, to Oxford then to Southampton and then back to Oxford. I'm a bit tired. *Yawn*

So this is just a quick post to show you the cupcakes that I made for Dylan's first birthday. They're vanilla cakes filled with raspberry jam and topped with pale blue buttercream and hundreds and thousands. I decorated them with tiny gold paper pinwheels. I found some pinwheel (or windmill, call them what you will) decorations for cupcakes but to be honest I thought they were a tad big and ever-so-slightly ... well ... gaudy. So I decided to fashion my own instead. I spent far too many hours on Thursday night making these.

Tiny Paper PinwheelsThe wheel part is only about an inch wide so they were quite fiddly and yes, they actually spin. This fact amused Robyn greatly although I didn't really appreciate her blowing on the pinwheel with a mouth full of cake - I was showered with damp cake crumbs. Nice.


Jelveh Designs said...

I can imagine now, you sitting there making each one of these pinwheels, how fun...the cupcakes look yummy as laways...

Vonnie said...

Ahh I understand what they are now - very cute! You should post a tute :)