Sunday, 22 March 2009


Cupcakes With Sugar FlowersPotter (verb) : Potter about or around or away. To be busy in a pleasant but aimless way.

Yep, today I've been mostly pottering about. I did a batch of ironing and then I tried making beads but it just wasn't working so I did some baking instead. Now I have the kitchen to tidy up - I make such a mess when I cook. I'm covered in icing sugar but hey, I've got ten cupcakes to show for it so I don't mind. When I've finished scraping buttercream off the kitchen tiles and sweeping flour up off the floor I shall iron the washing that's been drying on the line and then I'll do a spot of knitting.

Gosh, how exciting am I? I tell you, my exuberant vim and vigour is making me giddy.

(I'm being sarcastic with that last sentence, of course. I typed that in a sarcastic tone of voice but I thought I'd point it out in case you didn't pick up on that and you thought that I actually did think I was having an exciting Sunday and that ironing and washing up totally light my candle. They don't.)


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Laura said...

Aw. Thank you, Pam. :o)

Hungry Designs said...

I adore these! As a keen baker I know what you mean about the mess! But making pretty cupcakes makes it so worthwhile! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi you always make delicious looking cupcakes!! Can you post a receipe so I can try? Pretty please my cupcakes are usually a disaster :0(

Laura said...

Sure - I'll post a recipe tomorrow morning for you. :o)