Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Jo's Crocheted Scarf

Crocheted Scarf by Jo TinleyLook at this beautiful scarf. I just love the colours. It was made for me by Jo at Daisychain Designs. How sweet is that? Jo said in the note that she sent with it that she thought I could wear it while I'm cycling about the Oxfordshire countryside. Jo - if I had any sense of direction (or sat nav for my bicycle) I would do that but I fear getting lost in the countryside so I shall just stick to the routes I know. That means the scarf will come with me to town, Grandma's, the wool shop and Tesco. Possibly Waitrose but to be honest I don't think I know how to get there. I know, I'm abysmally bad at directions. It's an affliction!

Bar Cupcake beads I have zero, like nil, zip, zilch, nada, negative, absolutely no motivation or inclination to do bead things at the moment. This is annoying me, and probably you as well. I'm trying to do stuff but it either goes wrong or I end up hating whatever I make. It's a beadfunk and there ain't no way out of it except giving it time to pass. Please bear with me, beadpeeps and I'll try and have some beads to show you soon.


Jo said...

Glad you like it Laura! I'm sure it won't mind where you wear it!
Hope the bead funk goes soon.

Mel P said...

Stunning scarf Laura, does she make them to sell? I feel like I have misplaced my Jewellery mojo at the moment, really uninspired. I think it is the time of year and I am clearly not drinking enough red wine! May your mojo return with bells on very soon xxxxx

Caroline B said...

Cute scarf. Don't lose your bead mojo until after you've made mine!! Hope it comes back soon - got a similar problem here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
You could always sell your knitted pieces or edible cupcakes till your bead-making enthusiasm comes back. I'd buy, as I'm sure others would!
Perhaps making all those cupcake beads was a bit too much.
(Having said that, glad you made my cupcake beads - love them & am loathe to let anyone else have them!).
You inspire the rest of us anyway and ladies that you've taught are making some fantastic beads too - all credit to you.
Kay, So'ton xx