Tuesday 30 June 2009

The inevitable 'It's Hot!' post

Oh yes. It's mighty hot. Like too hot.

I don't do hot. I wasn't designed for it. I get very stressed (just ask Chris about my sandwich shop strop on Saturday) and I tend to do everything at a quarter of the normal speed in an attempt to stay as cool as I can.

Yesterday's train journey home from Cambridge was horrid. I was prepared for the mugginess and general sauna-type conditions of the London Underground and I made sure I had a bottle of water with me before I descended the steps at Kings Cross. But within about five minutes of stepping onto the tube train I got that horrible woozy, sounds-like-you're-in-a-swimming-pool, eyes-have-gone-blobby, just-about-to-faint feeling. I drank my whole bottle of water and got off the train at the next stop for some fresh(er) air. When I eventually got to Paddington I downed another bottle of water and an orange juice and I started to feel a bit better. I got on the train home but the flipping thing overheated and broke down at Reading. So did the passengers. There was a tonne of jostling, hot angry people trying to figure out where they had to go to catch a train to get them to wherever they had to be. Ah, the joy of trains.

It's mega warm again today but it's not really sunny. The thermometer currently says it's 32.4°C out there. As you can imagine, I'm not melting glass. Instead I've been to Tesco where I contemplated buying a paddling pool. For me. Yes, I'm thirty one years old but I tell you, I was so close to putting that paddling pool in my trolley. The thought of lounging about in all that cool water was very inviting but then I got a mental image of myself not fitting into the pool and kind of being splayed out in it, legs, arms and head dangling over the edges. And of course, paddling pools also involve swimsuits. Those factors quickly changed my mind so I left the pool on the shelf. I think it was for the best.

Tell you what though, I'm seriously considering a severe haircut. I still haven't been to a hairdresser which means that it's almost a year since my hair had any kind of professional help. Yesterday, what with all the stress, sweat and humidity, I looked like Brian May. And that's not good. May takes curly hairness to a whole new level.

Sir Brian Of The May(That's not me, that actually is Brian May but my hair was looking something like that.)

Must. Find. Salon. Quick!


  1. Yup the heat is killing me too, I would've bought the paddling pool and jumped in fully clothed. I'm about to go make dinner and the washing machine dishwasher are all in the kitchen, I don't want to go in there!

  2. I wish it was hot here, the warmest it has been is about 20, has been foggy and rainning, typical scottish summer,

  3. Jeepers it dang hot here too. Bri and I have just invested in the Tesco easy inflate 8ft pool thingy, Leo will love it, he swims, and I cang get in without the neighbours seeing me in a swim suit as the sides are really high! All for £30, buy, buy, buy:) I shall be collecting it Thursday afternoon with Leo and once it is filled I suspect that we will spend the rest of the afternoon in it with the cat (he is a freak cat that likes water) My jewellery room is south facing so I have not been doing much either. I send you cooling thoughts and a clammy hug xxxxx

  4. I agree Laura - I don't do hot either, just makes me ratty and bad tempered. I have waited all day to switch on my kilns as I really need to fire some stuff for the weekend but my workshop is now impossible so I have just decamped to find some air. Oh well - deep breath and back to the sauna. Give me Spring and Autumn anyday.

  5. Laura girl, your story reminds of last year when we took the train to the edinburgh fringe festival from Oxford at which point all of our English friends cried aloud about the nuttyness of such an act...but we had a great time and all the way there and back met many nice people & talked politics & English weather...I am sorry you had such a bad ride...I wish we had more trains in America, although that may not have been so good this past weekend & this week as the temps are up in the high 40s, i think up to 49 yesterday... the 30s sound really nice to me right now too...
    much love...
    PS the hair story is too funny, from one curly hair girl to another, i know how you feel...

  6. Oh Laura you do make me laugh! Hope you are feeling cooler this evening - here in Hampstead GS there is a lovely cool breeze which my cats are currently enjoying sitting on the balcony, sniffing the night scented air and attempting to catch tiny mothy things.
    x beth

  7. ps what happened in the sandwich shop, Chris??

  8. I have been sitting in Ryvers pool...and I am 39!! Cutdown shorts and vest top is the nearest I will get to a swimsuit!! I only get out when Ryver wants to get in!

    Go get that paddling pool!

  9. ha! i wonder what may would look like if he didn't have the signature curly bouffant...

    you should've bought pool missus :)

  10. Great to see I'm not the only one who hates the hot muggy weather, Laura & everyone else who feels the same. And I've also considered buying a paddling pool! A few years ago I bought a pop-up floating bed thingy to go on swimming pools & have never been anywhere I can use it so have considered a paddling pool to float on in the garden - think I'll have to check out the Tesco 8ft pool instead now - sounds great!
    Kay, So'ton x

  11. Well, I used to fancy Brian May something rotten in my youth but I agree it's not a look you really want to go with these days! I'm fed up with being hot & sweaty too - of all weeks, we have 'sports week' at work which means a lot of leaping around being far too energetic for this weather...

  12. Ahhhh, Laura! Now I know why you were so excited! You captured them PERFECTLY! ... when an artist like you who works in perfection all the time gets excited about a latest work, you KNOW it's going to be good. And it WAS!!!! I want 'em. I hope you make more!


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