Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Lampwork Glass BeadsCor blimey!

What a mad couple of hours I've just had. I watched Come Dine With Me, got dinner, washed up, fixed a mistake in my knitting (again - and no, I didn't throw it in the bin), cleaned beads, etched some beads, strung beads, photographed beads, edited the bead photos, updated my website (half an hour later than planned), sold some beads (those 'Zing' ones up there were first to go) and now I'm a-blogging.

Time for a cup of tea, methinks.

I made more buttons! Oh how I love these babies. They are so ..... nice! I'm going to have to knit something to put one of these on. This etched one is called 'Hailstones'.

Lampwork Glass ButtonRight. I'm going to knit for a bit now. I'm working on even more socks! Then I shall go to bed and hope that the neighbourhood cats let me get some sleep tonight. There were two cats outside in the back garden last night who decided to spend most of the night shouting and fighting. One of them was Buster's girlfriend. She was scrapping with a pretty pale ginger cat. They were doing that thing where they face each other, noses about an inch apart, and they just shout and wail. It's like they're trying to see who can shout the loudest. Why on Earth do cats sound like they're speaking in tongues when they fight? They make bizarre noises that they never make at any other time. And what was Buster doing while these ladycats were outside fighting over him? He was asleep on the sofa. I know that to be true because I came downstairs at 5.30am to see if he was involved in any way. Cats. Crazy animals but I love them!


eve said...

My word Laura i'm tierd just listening to what you did last night, you must never stop. hope you got some sleep last night then, i took me all my time to get up this morning my alarm was put on snooze 3 times before i really had to get up, off to work now, hope you have a relaxing day today (as if i here you say), eve

Annelyse Taylor said...


This button is amazing!
My mum has been asking for some for years now but I cannot make them for the life of me...