Wednesday 17 June 2009

still no net

Imagine a world with out the interwebs. A world where email, blogs and forums have yet to replace letters newspapers and shouting. No tweets, no YouTube no catching up on that episode of Come Dine With Me on your BBC Iplayers, if you set the Betamax timer wrong then that's it! It's gone for good, you'll never know if it was the camp one or the old one that won.

It is in this bleak Ashes To Ashes world that our heroine Laura Sparling finds herself trapped. Not by a traffic accident or a bullet to the head but a simple modem failure. Not back in time, not in a coma but getting madder by second about the lack of connection. Luckliy she looks good in leggings;)

All of which is a very long winded way of saying. Laura's internet is still down so you are stuck with me for the time being. Disappointing I know but Sparling should be back tomorrow. Meanwhile I'm sitting in. Like on Adam and Joe's 6 music show when they are away and someone mildly disappointing covers for them.

In that spirit I feel I should continue Laura's regular features. Where A and J have Text The Nation and Song Wars this blog has freshly baked beads and sock updates so here goes...
First off just to show that I didn't change the logo for nothing...Beads By Chris...

I'll admit they are not exactly freshly baked. I made these last year at the flame off when Laura gave me an impromptu lesson. As you can see the results were... lumpy. Still I think they would make a nice pendant for someone you barely tolerate or two earrings for someone with one ear... A niche market I know but one I am hoping to tap into.

Next a brief sock update. Todays sock is black and bought from Marks and Spencer's. I keep telling Laura that they sell socks in shops now so there's no need to make your own but she says I'm missing the point...

If there's a silver lining to all this it's that it has given Laura time to concentrate on making beads which she will post as soon as she is able. She asked me to say "sorry for the disruption and to thank Mel for the present and Helen for the lovely card. I will email and thank them properly soon as I have interwebular capabilities".... I think you can tell that was Laura speaking through me... I'd never say "lovely";)

Bye for now and thanks for reading

Mister G


  1. oh my gosh you are too funny...Laura you should give Chris a regular feature on the blog, you know once a week kind of thing...
    miss you girl...and good job Chris...

  2. Here here a regular feature spot for Chris :) Missing Laura, but loving Chris's socks - very individual.

  3. LOL!!!


  4. I totally agree a rgular feature spot for Chris...such a funny post. Miss you L but so needed that laugh!xx

  5. Well done, Chris. Great that we can all "meet" you at last!
    Best wishes to you both
    Kay, So'ton x

  6. Nice to meet you all too, and thanks for the kind comments. Laura has mananaged to get the blog on her her phone so she can read but not post... Thankfully she saw the funny side;)

  7. That's just great!!
    Beautiful new haircut and glasses Laura!
    And what a beautiful bunch of beads!!!
    And what can I say about the socks?!!! Nice design!!
    Take care you two, take good care of each other!!!!!!!

  8. Aaaahhhh!!! I live in a really, really quiet office and it's not proper for me to be laughing like crazy out loud. I'm going to have to read this at home so I can have a good and proper laugh.

    We miss Laura's beads and socks (a lot!!!)...

    But, we have also quite enjoyed the comedic interlude. I agree with the other occasional comic interruption from Mr. G would be entertaining.

  9. Very cool boyfriend Laura. Love the beads and socks.

  10. Interesting beads & socks Mister G.....I can see Laura may have a struggle to get her blog back under control....

  11. LMAO Chris your beads are beautiful and unique! Fingers crossed we will see you here later Laura xxxx

  12. Missing your regular posts Laura, but Chris's was so funny, thanks for cheering me up first thing :)

  13. Its a fabulous funny post.....thanks for making me lough....

  14. Good to have a laugh to start the day - thanks Chris. Keep practising on the bead side! Missing you Laura. Hope you get back online soon.

  15. Loved your blog today chris, poor laura must be pulling her hair out, i can't live without my computer for a day. Laura will have to give you a regular spot,

  16. Aww Chris and Laura
    Thank you for a good belly laugh. Chris, please let us know when you have started your won blog, so I can become a follower ...

  17. hilarious! Love it, especially the sock of the day part!


  18. Hope you're a fast runner Chris!!

  19. Brilliant, you two are SO entertaining!! Laura yours always was my fave blog - and now with Chris, well give that boy a regular guest spot!! LOL xxbeth

  20. Yay for Chris's Blogging! Love it! and love the beads too!

    J x

  21. Lol, fabulous! I particularly like the socks, although, Laura's socks are always very beautiful and I am eternally jealous.
    Lucia x


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