Thursday, 11 June 2009

That lace knitting

Lace KnittingI thought I'd show you a photo of the lace knitting that I'm working on. It makes me swear quite a bit but I won't be beaten by it. I have to knit this in peace and quiet and when I'm in the zone it goes well. I find that I make mistakes the second I'm distracted. All you need to do is forget to do a yarn over and your stitch count goes all haywire!

It's a scarfy/stoley thing knitted in laceweight yarn - the one in this post. I'm not sure who it will be for. I might keep it for me or it may go into The Christmas Present Box. All I know for certain is that I wanted to knit this particular pattern.

This photo was taken a week-or-so ago. It's now twice as long as this.


Caroline B said...

That's a very pretty lace pattern - looks great in that yarn. Have you ever checked out - lots of really cool patterns (socks & more!) in their archive section.

beardsbylaura said...

lacebylaura? Sounds like your launching a fragrance;)

Laura said...

Thanks Caroline! It's an adaptation of the ancient 'Print 'O The Wave' pattern. Yes, I've seen Knitty. It's good. I'm a bit of a girl myself!

Beards - Maybe if it was 1982, yes. Don't take the mick ..... ;o)

L xxx

fhiona galloway said...

blimey-I'd swear too if it was me but I can't knit lacey!
Well done!