Friday 6 November 2009

Hollow Nuggets

Hollow Lampwork Glass BeadsHollow beads are surprisingly lightweight for their size (I wish I could say the same about me) and they are also incredibly sturdy.

I've shaped these hollows into tactile nuggety shapes. They're made from one of my favourite glasses - a beautiful lavender-rose colour. I've decorated the beads with streamers of metallic fuchsia pink.

I can just see these strung into a chunky statement necklace or maybe each one could be a pendant? Oh, I don't know - I'll leave that jewellery stuff to the professionals!


  1. I can't believe I missed these! They're gorgeous Laura - hope you'll be making more! :)

  2. Yessssss! I love your hollow beads. I've never seen anyone else do them you know. But they rock! These beads are mighty fine! :O)

  3. Wow! These are stunning! I love them.

  4. I want those beads!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Laura :)


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