Wednesday 11 November 2009

Snug. Cosy. Warm.

Hand Knitted Hooded CardiganThis morning I finished knitting the hooded cardigan that I've been working on. I'm so pleased with it. It fits like a dream and is very soft and snuggly. The pattern I used is called 'Basic Chic Hoodie' and was written by Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits. Bonne Marie has a whole load of beautiful patterns so if you're a fellow knitter then do head over to her site and have a look around.

Hand Knitted Hooded CardiganMy hooded cardi is knitted in Cascade 220 from Pavi Yarns in a shade called 'Walnut'. I'm totally in love with the buttons. They're a fab pearly brown. They remind me of nail varnish in the bottle - you know, when it looks all pearly and swirly and pretty and you wish it would end up looking like that on your fingers or toes but it never does. Do you know what I mean? You do? Well, the buttons look like that.

Now I'm off to wind some of my sock yarn into a ball and get click-clacking away on those needles!


  1. wow this is lovely...I love the color and the buttons too, yes I know exactly what you mean about the nail polish color...
    miss you...

  2. Thanks Jelveh! Of course you know about the nail polish. You're a nail polish addict!

    Miss you too .....

  3. That's a lovely classic-looking pattern, great yarn too.
    Yes, I know what you mean about the nail varnish...did you used to keep shaking the bottle just to see the swirls??

  4. I am impressed!

    Hey,email me abouta knitting thing -- lori at lorianderson dot net

  5. I like it - that will go with so many things. Great choice of buttons. Have bookmarked that website.


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