Thursday 12 November 2009

Random Poetry Moment

I came up with this rhyming couplet while I was teaching on Tuesday and now I can't get the thing out of my head .....

"Always pull more stringer than you think you'll need,
For there's nothing worse than running out mid-bead."


  1. It's actually a really good mnemonic / teaching aid! I'm glad you're teaching. From your video demos, you're quite good! If I ever get over to the UK again...

  2. Hey Jenn, we are trying to get Laura to come to California to teach at our studio...let me know if you are interested...I think it will be awesome...

  3. Jelveh - no trying needed! If there's enough students for a class then it's California here I come! ;o)

  4. Hi I have left you an award at my blog:

  5. Well...I'm back in Hong Kong at the moment, but I'll keep my eyes peeled on the timing...who knows if my schedule may align!


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