Saturday 14 November 2009

I'm not superstitious but .....

Lampwork Glass Beads..... Friday the thirteenth turned out to be a really naff day all in all. Last night even my computer joined in on the whole let's-annoy-Laura-today thing. So, my apologies to anyone who was refreshing the Freshly Baked Beads page last night but to no avail. I was trying my best to get things to work but they just wouldn't. I think I've fixed my computer troubles and now the beads pictured above can be found in the usual place.


  1. These look like christmas tree baubles - they are so pretty! Once again, your mastery of perfect stringer application amazes me! I wasn't surprised at all to see that they've sold already.

    I hope your weekend will be much better than your Friday!

  2. Beautiful beads as always Laura. Got my beads from last weekend this morning and although it's better, my stringer work still needs a LOT of work to come anywhere near yours.
    Helen G xx

  3. We got married on the 13th of Sept, so every once in a while it falls on Friday the 13th and so far so good...althogh I must admit I keep a low profile on any Friday the

  4. Thanks for the bead compliments, ladies!

    Jelveh - my Mum always said that Friday 13ths were lucky days. She had a risky operation to remove a massive ovarian cyst while she was heavily pregnant with me and all went well. The operation was on a Friday 13th. After that she always said that Friday 13ths were good!


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