Sunday, 23 May 2010

'Pecan Pie' & Melvin

I love it when I find a new colour combination that just works. This strand of beads is made from CiM Butter Pecan, CiM Sepia and CiM Tamarind and I am delighted with how they've turned out.

They look extra delicious in these photos because they're taken in direct sunlight. I always love sunbathing beads, especially transparent ones because they cast their colourful shadows all over the show.

These beads will be for sale over on my website at 9.00pm (UK time) tonight.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend? It's mighty warm here - I've actually got a skirt on! Without leggings! Anyone who knows me knows that it must be warm if I've got my legs out.

The sky is so blue and Melvin, the local Red Kite, has just flown over. I meant to mention him/her the other day. A couple of weeks back I was pegging the washing out and I heard a really unfamiliar bird noise. I went through my RSPB Birds App on my iPhone but couldn't identify it. Then a few days ago I was sat outside eating my lunch and I heard the noise again. I looked up into the sky to see a huge bird with a really distinctive pattern on its wings and a forked tail. The bird was really graceful, just gliding through the sky. I knew it must be a bird of prey and with a bit of Googling I identified it as a Red Kite. Its Latin name is 'Milvus Milvus' and that is why I've nicknamed the bird Melvin. It's quite a sight to see such a beautiful bird against a bright blue sky. I tried to photograph it but alas, my camera is too wimpy so I've just had a scout about on Flickr and found this image :

This wonderful photo is by Andrew Withey and he's got some really amazing shots in his Flickr Photostream. Please click here to take a look at them.

All righty then. I'm off to melt some glass and make some beads .....


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Wow, those are beautiful!

Jill said...

Very lovely beads as always. And very interesting to hear about the red kite as my dad worked in nature conservation and has just finished writing a book about them!

Janine - Pretty Vintage Tea Party said...

Gorgeous beads! I love the colour they look good enough to eat!

How lucky are you to see such a beautiful bird.... we just get pigeons round here!

Tina said...

That is a lovely colour combo, and of course fantastic beads.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beads and so is Melvin.

Sue Doran said...

Wonderful beads; they look very tasty!

We have a breeding pair of red kites in the wood close to where I walk my dog. It's always such a treat to see them, they're absolutely huge!

Andrew Withey is a talented wildlife and natural world photographer. Whenever I take a photo it just looks like a speck in the sky!

Until We Bead Again, Beth Murr said...


Laura Sparling said...

Aw, thanks everybody!

Melvin was about quite a bit yesterday - just gliding around and looking magnificent.

Glad you all like the beads - thanks for leaving such fab comments.

Laura x