Sunday, 25 July 2010

All Sorted

Lampwork Glass BeadsSo here are those beads from yesterday all sorted out and strung in sets.

Lampwork Glass BeadsFirst up is 'Nectar' - some ethereal yellow beads with hints of peach, palest green and a subtle touch of blue. They have trails of fine silver droplets and they're encapsulated in a layer of crystal clear. The pearlescent spacers have a touch of pale gold about them. Pretty.

Lampwork Glass BeadsNext up is 'Candy Floss Shimmer' - girly pink and white beads with shimmery pale pink spacers.

Lampwork Glass BeadsAnd lastly is 'Wisteria'. These lavendery-lilac beads are decorated with indigo stringerwork.


Marie Cramp said...

Separated or together they look gorgeous!!

Ineke (the Netherlands) said...

All these bead sets look delicious, very beautiful Laura :-)!

Fiona said...

The nectar ones are to die for!

hello gorgeous said...

oooo Laura, am LOVIN' the Nectar and Wisteria sets....simply beautiful and delicate ;o)

Also lovin' the new profile pic!

Have a fab day....


hello gorgeous xxx

Pretty Things said...

That top set -- I can't even imagine the glass you used to get there (and I'm not asking you to divulge, just in awe!).

Glad you're set up in your studio now!

Anonymous said...

. . . i think the nectar came from the gods . . sooooo shiny and delightfull . . . i love it laura ;)
hugs from sitzerland