Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Etched Lampwork Glass BeadsThese dark blue beads already have a new home but I thought I'd post them here anyway.

I've had such a busy couple of days! I've been making beads like crazy - I added a few more items to my Etsy shop this morning and they were snapped up pretty much straight away. Thanks, you lovely bead-buying people, you! It is such a fab feeling to know that people appreciate my work.

I have some more beads to clean and I'll restock the Etsy shop with those tomorrow night but right now I am off to watch Masterchef. Gregg Wallace seems to have toned down his ridiculous cutlery-sucking behaviour this series. Have you ever seen a man lick a spoon like he does?! Fellow Masterchef viewers - you know what I mean.


BeadyPool said...

I'm sad - very very sad. Those beads just look like they were made for me. Not to make into jewellery to sell but for me. They are soooo my colour :(
Sad but bet they went to a good home :)
Loveing the beads at the moment Laura x

Tina said...

I love watching Masterchef....we as in me and Ryver call it Dinners...Greg is such an encouraging judge, even when he doesn't like something, he says sorry! I love it when he really likes his puddings, he gets so excited.

Fantastic new about your ETSY shop, I have only managed to see it empty at the moment!

SilverNikNats said...

ditto with the empty etsy shop! Your beads are like gold dust! I LOVE the powder blue beads tonight stunning color very sad I missed them.

ros said...

Che meraviglia! Adoro il blu!Chissà se un giorno riuscirò ad accapparrarmi le tue creazioni, è praticamente impossibile!!!! Non riusciresti a fare qualcosa su ordinazione? Sono disposta a pagare anche di più. Baci. Ros

Tara P. said...

Oh my goodness - that blue is one of my faves! I've only ever managed to catch your Etsy shop when it's empty too!