Thursday 15 July 2010


Lampwork Glass Beadsflur·ry (noun) 1. A stirring mass, as of leaves or dust; a shower. 2. A sudden burst or commotion; a stir.

I think the word flurry sums these up well. These pretty beads are a variation on my 'Anemone' beads that I made a few years back. The new 'Flurries' have a sense of movement about them. I have a feeling that this set may be the first of many.

Lampwork Glass BeadsThey've got a real depth to them - it feels as if you could climb inside the beads and actually touch the 'frondy' bits. I've got a few colour ideas for these and Chris came up with some suggestions too so I guess tomorrow will be a Flurry day in my shed!


  1. Wow these look stunning! You should definatly make loads (the more you make the more chance I have of buying some hehe)

  2. Jaw dropping awesomeness - love them!

  3. these are stunning Laura! They do look very feathery, like underwater sea plants. Can just imagine all the delicous colours....

    Bead flurries indoors and wind flurries outdoors!

    Happy creatin' ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. I really like these. So different for you (well since I have been buying your beads anyway!).

    Can't wait to see what sort of variants you come up with. Still trying to get my head around how you even make them!!

    Joy x

  5. these are lovely! the colour looks like it is swaying in the breeze. definitely make more :)

  6. awesome work !!! i love this technic ;)


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