Tuesday 13 July 2010

'Treacle Toffee' & A Poll

Lampwork Glass BeadsThese shiny gems have opaque brown cores which I've encased in a transparent brown. While I was making these they kept reminding me of chocolates and caramel so I settled on 'Treacle Toffee' as a name for them.

They will be for sale at some point this week which brings me on to a little survey.

Please could I ask the bead buyers amongst you to complete the polls over on the right hand side of my blog? I'm trying to find out what nights and times suit you best for buying beads. I think I'm going to go for regular bead sales as opposed to erratic ones so the results of the polls will be useful for deciding when those sales will be.

Thanks in advance!


  1. Absolutely yummy - they look good enough to eat.

  2. Gorgeous beads Laura. I love the colour.

    As far as the poll is concerned, I must say that for me it's a matter of time not day of the week. I find that 8.30 is the time when I'm running after the children, organising lunch boxes, loading the dishwasher etc. I'd much rather be buying beads than doing chores but it does not always work out like that.

    I'm not asking you to change the time you post but perhaps vary it a bit (am/pm) so that many more people could get a chance to buy (perhaps your overseas customers). Perhaps you don't realise how organised we have to be to buy your beads! We sit there slightly earlier than the allocated time, refreshing constantly, the cursor hovering over the "contact me" link. You blink, you miss your chance! I tell you Laura, it's jungle out there!

    We love your beads though and the chase is part of the fun! (sorry for the long post!)

  3. Apologies Laura! Thinking that blogger was not working, I've sent you an email as well. Well now you really know what I think! x

  4. Many thanks for the bead compliments. :o)

    I TOTALLY appreciate your viewpoint, Mary. You Mums are busy people! But mornings are out for me as that is when I’m making the beads. I start work at 9am so if I listed beads before then people would have school-run issues and if I listed them after that I would be tied to the computer and therefore eating into my beadmaking time.

    I tell you, I need to clone myself! ;o)

    Would earlier/later evening than 8.30pm help?

    Many thanks and best wishes – I really do appreciate your feedback.

    Laura x


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