Wednesday 7 July 2010

'Summer Breeze'

Etched Lampwork Glass BeadsThese pretty pale lavender and light blue beads will be for sale over on my website at 8.30pm (UK time) tonight.

Not much to report here. I've just been quietly making beads and pottering around the house. It's odd adjusting to the quietness of it all. Chris is at work all day so I only have myself for company. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon, though.

Dad is visiting today so that'll be nice. I expect we'll take a trip to Homebase and Argos to get a few housey bits and pieces.

I will probably have some more beads for sale on Friday.


  1. Sigh...oh they are gorgeous. Lovely colour combo. hope your settling in ok Vxx

  2. I feel cooler just looking at those! It's currently 104 degrees F here and our A/C broke yesterday!

  3. I've been like that this morning too, on my own - just me and the dog. I really like not having any interruptions but about half the time DH works from home too so it's not all the time for me. Good job you've got on-line buddies to say "Hi" from time to time :-)
    You are naughty putting those tempting beads out (I haven't finished using the last ones I bought yet so I'm not allowed to buy any more for the time being!) I bet you are looking forward to showing your new home off to your dad.


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