Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Ciao, Vittorio

I can't settle at making beads and it's because I'm a little bit sad that my beloved Vittorio Vespa is going tomorrow.

Since my Dad had his motorcycle accident last year I've lost my confidence with my Vespa. It's just every time I go out on Vittorio and every time I'm out in the car with Dad I see umpteen things that make me think 'I don't want to be on the roads'. You know that scary advert that's occasionally on television where the driver is sat at the junction and he pulls out without seeing the motorcyclist? Well, that scenario happens far too much in real life. I've had it happen to me several times and although I've managed to brake in time, it still shakes you up.

And it's not just unobservant drivers that have put me off, either. If I've been unfortunate enough to be riding past the local secondary school at home-time, there are often groups of deranged teenagers walking in the road, running across the road in a crazy lemming-type fashion or just mucking about at the side of the road lobbing things at passing vehicles. A lady at the bus stop the other week was telling me about how her son ended up in hospital after he smashed his bike into a lamppost when he swerved to avoid a teenage idiot who jumped in front of his bike 'for a laugh'.

Everyone that I've spoken to about this seems to totally understand and several people have said how scary the roads and driving have become over the last few years. Others have said 'Oh well maybe now you can get yourself a little car!'. No, I can't and I won't be. The only way I'll ever own a car is if I win the lottery and end up getting a chauffeur and seeing as that will never happen because I don't do the lottery I'll make do with buses and walking.

As much as I love my Vittorio it seems a shame to have him sat in the garage doing nothing. I've been deliberating about parting with Vittorio for several weeks now. When I was feeling particularly confident the other week I went to put my crash helmet on and the fastener on it was broken. I took that as a sign and decided that maybe I should sell him. So tomorrow a man is coming to collect him. I'll be very sorry to see him go.

Ciao, Vittorio - I will miss you.


Gemheaven said...

Oh no poor you (But don't blame you the roads were scary enough all those years ago when I was 16 on my little moped lol)

Helen P said...

Oh 'eck! So sorry to hear about Vittorio - I know you were chuffed to little mintballs when you got him. But I really don't blame you - it's flipping tricky out there. I wouldn't have the guts to ride a bike. Heck - I'm not even safe to be let loose in a kitchen at the moment! LOL! ;-)

Look after yourself - and I hope your dad's fully recovered now.

HP x

Laura said...

Aloha HP!

I was totally smitten with Vittorio (you even made me my fabulous 'L's Angel') and I love him to bits but it's not him, or me, it's OTHER people I don't trust. Like I say, people pulling out of junctions without seeing you is blooming scary. I'm too nervous on him and I believe that nervous drivers are bad drivers so I'm best off out of it.

I'm mega-upset about Vittorio going but I know that it's the best thing. Like my Dad says, it's a good thing that Vittorio's going in one piece unlike his bike which was smushed into several pieces in the wheel arch of a bin lorry.

Dad's as recovered as he'll ever be. His left shoulder's pretty mungled up and it'll never work properly (limited movement) but apart from that he's fine and that's the main thing.

You look after yourself too - stop that kitchen-knife-juggling hobby of yours! ;o)

Laura x

Caroline B said...

Sorry you had to get rid of Vittorio - being a nervous driver myself, I totally understand. I used to drive in Athens but it is scarier on the roads in this country now. Too many idiots - you're probably well out of it.

Helen P said...

Aloha back! Glad to hear your dad's doing ok. And you're right, sometimes it's just best to know when to stop.

On that note, maybe I should take up the juggling as a hobby and learn how to do it properly...NOT! LOL! ;-)

HP x

Jewellery Craft said...

I love being on the back of a bike, no feeling like it!

We bought my eldest son a moped for his 16th and 2 years on he still has it almost intact.....he's a smashing rider, but oh my god, car drivers have no regard for hima at all........I have gone seriously grey and aged 20 years since he's had it.

Its a sad day to see your bike go!!!

Mandie x

Laura said...

Hiya Mandie

Yes, a lot of my friends have said that they're a bit relieved that I'm selling the bike. Stupid thing is I trust myself on the thing - it's other people that frighten me! :o)

Just tell your son to take care.

Laura x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Aw thats really sad Laura, but it sounds like it's for the best like you say you just cant trust other people. I've had three car crashes in two years all not my fault, so I dread to think how I would feel on a bike!

Hope it's not too upsetting!

Janine xx