Friday 4 January 2008

Weather forecasters are fibbers!

According to about six different weather reports we were due to have snow yesterday. Did it happen? No. That annoying woman on BBC Breakfast yesterday said we'd have about four centimetres. Okay, I know that's not exactly loads of snow but it would have been enough to make me jump about and do an 'It's Snowing!' dance.

No snow today either. It's cold and the sky has that full-of-snow look to it, so here's hoping.

Thanks for your suggestions for colour combinations for the tab beads. I'll be trying some of those out later!


  1. Ohhh gorgeous beads Laura and my husband was moping around last night trying to spot a snowflake or two - no snow here either!!

  2. Oh lovely beads. My little one saw the snow fall and was sooo excited, but when it did not settle we had a quite astounding 3 year old bezzer.... like I controll the snow!
    Have a lovely weekend

    Mel x

  3. We had snow.....for about ten minutes. Don't think it's going to happen somehow! Loving these curly-wurly tab beads, especially in retro colours.

  4. Well, it's just been all rainy and miserable here today. Not a snowflake in sight. *sigh*

    Thanks for all the bead compliments!

    Laura x


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