Wednesday, 23 January 2008

'Creme Caramel' Focal

An ivory tapered bicone decorated with caramel-coloured stringerwork.

Well, I had a sad start to the day - Tamzin, one of my guinea pigs died during the night. She was seven years old which is quite an age for a guinea pig. Tamzin was chief lawnmower so now I expect Marlene will take over bossing Brenda and Edith about. We do get so attached to our pets, don't we?


Jewellery Craft said...

Poor poor Guinea Pig, its so sad. We have or I should say had 2 Gerbils and 1 had to be put down, I'm sure the vet must have thought me completely mad, I sobbed.

This is a beautiful bead!

Mandie x

Laura said...

Aw. I'm sure vets totally understand. I've kept guinea pigs since I was about ten and it's always sad when one dies.

Thanks for the bead compliment, Mandie!

Laura x

Gemheaven said...

Ohhh how sad I had a pet guinea pig called Pip when I was 11 I fainted when she died!

Love the focals Laura

Angie said...

Hi laura sorry to hear your loss, i go in mourning for 2 weeks when my pets die, im so emotional anyway!

Love the u shape them by hand?

Laura said...

Thanks, Jo. :o)

Angie - yes, they're shaped by hand. Well, a graphite paddle anyway. No press or bicone-shaper-jobby-thing.

Laura x

Caroline B said...

I like these antiquey focals, particularly the ivory & turquoise one sold yesterday. Sorry about your guinea pig - it's so awful when you lose a pet, no matter how small.