Monday 21 January 2008

Moonlight 'Anemones'

Even more implosions, this time in pale grey and periwinkle blue. Very delicate.

I was mid-bead this afternoon and all of a sudden a dirty great spider landed slap bang in front of me on my workbench! The thing was lucky as it only just missed my torch flame. It must have fallen from the ceiling - it gave me such a shock! I screamed a very high pitched scream, called it a six letter expletive, chucked my bead in the water jug and legged it out of the shed. Needless to say I didn't go back in the shed until Dad had removed the offending arachnid.

So much for the conkers . . . . . .


  1. OHHH Laura they are fabulous!!

    I love spiders - I could have caught it for you - (teehee in return for a bead!)

  2. Cheers Jo!

    Anyone who can hold a spider is a hero in my book. If you'd have been here and caught it I'd have definitely given you free beads!

    Laura x

  3. Hate spiders!! They can have all the garden they like but I'm not sharing my house with em! Its those great big critters you get in the autumn and hey don't they move fast!

    Mandie x

  4. Tell me about it, Mandie. Can't stand the eight legged buggers!

    Laura x


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