Saturday 19 January 2008

Pink & Lilac 'Anemones'

I could photograph these beads until I'm blue in the face but I'll never capture the 3D-ness of what's happening inside them. They need to be seen in real life. It's like a tiny explosion of pink and lilac glass caught in an orb of crystal. So pretty!

All in all it's a quiet weekend here - I would have got more beads made today if I hadn't done a really stupid thing this morning. I went and put the heater and kiln on in the shed and an hour or so later I settled down and made my first bead but as I went to put it in the warm kiln I realised that although I'd switched the kiln on I hadn't pressed the start button. So the bead froze to death and I had to wait for the kiln to heat up. What a plank I am . . . . .


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