Friday, 1 August 2008

A little bit stressed

Laura Sparling Lampwork BeadsThese 'Cosmic' beads are some of the few I've made in the past couple of days. There's been a lack of glass-melting action this week and bead production will probably decrease a bit more over the next month or so. The house is sold and it's all gone a bit manic. We've got a cash buyer (a good thing) and the house we're moving to in Abingdon is empty so it's all moving very fast. There's such a lot to do. Emptying the loft which contains thirty years of junk is the thing I'm dreading most. A free weekend would be a handy thing but tomorrow Dad and I are in Abingdon for a friend's 60th birthday do and the following weekend is Dylan's Christening. So cupboard clearing, junk slinging, packing away and boxing up is going to eat into my working hours. I predict stressful times ahead . . . . .

I went out for a drink and a natter with Nicky last night. We couldn't decide where to go and in the end we chose The Jolly Sailor. This is a really old pub down next to the water. Actually, here's a useless fact for you - it was the pub that was used in the eighties television 'drama' Howards' Way. Anyway, a few months back I asked Nicky if she could make me a Star Wars necklace but I wanted it to be a subtle-and-not-instantly-recognisable-as-Star-Wars necklace so we decided to go with the Rebel Alliance logo and this is what Nicky made. I'm so pleased with it. Thank you, Nicky!

Nicola Ryan Silver Star Wars NecklaceWell, I'm off to the shed now to see if I have any kind of beadmaking power. I hate the way that my mood affects my work. If I'm in a good mood I can sit and make beads for hours but if I'm worried or stressed it all goes wrong. Fingers crossed it's a good day . . . . .


Tina said...

Congratulations Laura on selling the house and I will be thinking of you packing and unpacking!!
Beautiful necklace by Nicky.
Loving the beads you made.

Lori G said...

I hope you get to torch, at least for some relaxation. The beads you show today are gorgeous! Enjoy the will be over soon!

Anna said...

OOOOOOOOH Star Wars gorgeousness!!!

OOOOOOOOOOH loving it!
I really hope the move goes well for you too Laura, it's such a mega event.x x x

Jewellery Craft said...

Ohhhh the beads that got away! Hope it all goes smoothly, I hate moving, my hubby sees it as an opportunity to throw away everything that I hoard. Will you miss the sea?


Caroline B said...

It's a pain moving house, but I'm sure it will go smoothly. Not condusive to creativity though...but those beads are pretty gorgeous despite everything! Love the necklace too - very cool!

Laura said...

Cheers T - I haven't forgotten that I owe you an email. ;o)

Thank you for all the great comments everyone.

Mandie - I think I'll miss not being able to see the sea when I want to but I'll be coming back lots to visit my sisters and friends so I'm sure I'll still see it!

Laura x

Izzy said...

Awesome beads - and I love Nicky's necklace too. Good luck with the move!

tashi said...

Love your 'general waffle', and the SW pendant too.

All the best with the move. Your new 'space' looks excellent, crisp and clean, very Virgo.

Laura said...

Thank you, Izzy. :o)

Cheers, Tashi! Yes - I'm definitely a textbook Virgo. :o)

Laura x