Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Another bead-naming game

So I started making a set of disc beads today and I can't think of a good name for them. They're transparent purple and opaque pale orange.

I've turned three of them into a pendant (that one up there) and I thought I'd offer it as the prize in another bead-naming competition.

If you can think of a suitable name for a set of these purple and orange stripy discs then please post your ideas in my comments section. You can submit as many suggestions as you like and I shall pick my favourite name at 7.00pm (GMT) tomorrow evening.

I'll announce the winner of the pendant here on my blog tomorrow night.


Archaic Dome said...

In the photo, they look black and yellow, so I'd say "squished bumblebees." If, in person, they actually look purple, how about "witchs' socks?"

Laura said...

Good names!

They're definitely purple and orange. I will take a better photo tomorrow in the sunlight - making do with my daylight lamp for now! ;o)


Shari Mumby said...

'Honeyed Blueberry'

They're delish, by the way!


Shari x x

Anna Richards said...

Tiggy Berry

My ginger cat was called Tiggy and the berry for the purple

DragonflyLynne said...

These are just gorgeous! I offer "tiger, tiger, burning bright." I'm off to find my thinking cap! Lynne x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

'busy bead' and 'super smashing purple pumpkin'

Janine x

DragonflyLynne said...

Terrific Turbans
Regally Dutch
Bah Humbug
Bonfire Night
Catherine wheels
Turning Cartwheels and
Posh Palatinate Pin Stripes

Still haven't found my thinking cap!

Lynne x

Laura said...

These are all great names everyone!

Lynne - if you haven't found your thinking cap yet then I can't wait to see your name suggestions when you do!

Laura x

DragonflyLynne said...

Bumble Beader

The Bead Hive

Now where did I put that cap??

This is fun Laura! Lynne x

DragonflyLynne said...

Stopping for a while to watch Spooks on BBC3 ... see you later! x

Catherine said...

They remind me of Art Deco.

Catherine said...

Or Blackcurrant and Honey Syrup or Stripes or Strepsils.

DragonflyLynne said...

Spinning Top
Moons of Jupiter
Waggon Wheels
Wheels of Fire
Marmalade Sandwiches
All Sorts
Sophisticated Sea Slugs

And it's goodnight from me x

Caroline B said...

Pippy Longstocking, 'cos they look like her stripy legs.... daft I know,my brain's still not in work mode....

Karen said...

My creative brains not switched on at the moment so not many suggestions from me.

Autumn Glow

Beautiful beads they are too.


Catherine said...

Along the art deco theme - Deco Disks, or Art Deco Discs

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

'blueberry Pumpkin Pie'

Janine xx

Maria João Rebelo said...

Hi Laura! I'm glad you described them as in the picture there really bee like!
Due to the colors, I think they have a deco look and I'd say ...
'Venice' or 'Carnival' (I'm thinking of those gorgeous vests).
Anyway, they're beautiful!!! Have a nice day! Maria Joao.

Laura said...

Lynne - you're going to wear that thinking cap out!

Thanks for all the name suggestions everyone!

I've just updated the photo to include a shot of the pendant from above which should hopefully show its purpleness a bit better!

Laura x

Shari Mumby said...

'Magenta Nectar'

x x

Catherine said...

Reminds me a bit of an Elizabethan Ruffle. Elizabethan Blackberry and Honey Ruffle. Or just Blackberry and Honey Ruffle. Sounds a bit like a sweet.

Billy said...

"Tigger Disks"

Laura...loved you blog about your Mum...what a lovely thought...

Billy xx

Debbie said...

How about liquorice allsorts, that's what they remind me of.

Laura said...

I've just been emailed two name suggestions by Pam which are :

1. Arabian Nights
2. Candy Stripes


katofglass said...

"Jester" or "Fool's Paradise"

Liz Brewster said...

They look like humbugs to me, so howabout Apricot Humbugs or Honey Humbugs.

Hmmmm, delicious


Shari Mumby said...

'Honeyed Mulberry discs'

x x

Shari Mumby said...

'Titian Plum Discs'

Can you see a foodie theme here...? ! x

Beth said...

Love them - too slim for bees, more wasp-y so:

Stung On You
Purple Vespers

Beth said...

Whoops! should be spelt

Purple Vespas

Also remind me of the rings of Saturn so in honour of the discoverer:

Cassini Rings

Shari Mumby said...

'Kaleidoscope Discs'

The colours are just the same as one I had in the 70s! x

Rach said...

Evening, I reckon Baroque Bumblebeads :)

Hope you're well

virginia rees said...

hi Laura
they look good enough to eat. i think they should be

'Halloween Rock'

virginia rees said...

'witch's surprise'

Laura said...

Definite Halloween influences going on!

Here are three names emailed to me by Mandee :

1. Sunset Stripe
2. Purple Pumpkin Pie
3. Halloween Hoops


virginia rees said...

pumpkin & berry slices
witch's glow

sorry can't get away from that halloween theme

virginia rees said...

'halloween eye candy'

virginia rees said...

'witch's dream'

virginia rees said...

'devilish discs'

i think i have got to go and take off my glow in the dark pumpkin

Caroline B said...

One final go - Cinnabar.
Check out this link to see why:

Laura said...

That is a great suggestion, Caroline. Curled up he actually looks like one of the beads! :o)

Laura x

fhiona galloway said...