Monday, 22 October 2007

Disc Beads

I had such fun making these beads! I've seen quite a few jewellery projects lately that feature disc beads so I thought I'd make some. I've gone for stripes here in classic black and white but I can definitely see me making more with dots and twisties in crazy colours!


Catherine said...

I like the look of these Laura. I could see some of these as really funky earrings. The red polka dots last night were so tempting!

By the way, I've had my come-upance (don't know how to spell that one). The mother of your spider visited me this morning in my bathroom. Enough said.

Catherine x

Laura said...

Nice to know you like the discs, Catherine!

Ah, see? That's what you get for winding me up about spiders!

Laura x

DragonflyLynne said...

These are delicious Laura, I like them a lot!

Laura said...

Thank you, Lynne!

Laura x