Sunday, 7 October 2007

Playing with Palladium

I have a new bead obsession - palladium leaf. When treated in a particular way it yields metallic pinks, plums and greens. Just gorgeous!

These are some lentils in a new design I'm calling 'Starburst'. What do you think?


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

I think they are blumming stunning!!! And I missed them :( hope you do some more they are really original!

Janine xx

Laura said...

Thank you, Janine! Yes - I'll be making more.

Laura x

Gemheaven said...

Fabulous I missed them too (Money is burning a hole in my pocket though!!


mememe said...

I love your beads, they are that bit different and soo pretty. I wonder do they fit on Trollbeads and Pandora bracelets? Check out for their fantastic collection of these charms online. They could mix so well with your glass.