Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Mum's Tree

Hello! I hope you had a good weekend? Mine was great. Chris and I went to see 'Stardust' on Sunday. I've seen it twice now and I think it's fab. Totally recommend it.

On the way home from Cambridge yesterday I stopped in London to meet one of my customers for coffee. Kanina's been buying my beads for ages now - we've had many an email conversation and she's also a fellow Star Wars geekette! So Kanina and I met up and had a good old natter. At one point were were interrupted by a total stranger who stopped to tell me what lovely hair I've got, which was an odd thing but nice of him all the same. (That's never happened to me in my life. To me my hair is just a curly moppy mess!) Anyway, Kanina and I whiled away two hours talking about all things beads, jewellery and Lego Star Wars which was fab. If you get a spare few minutes do make sure you take a look at Kanina's lovely website. She's got some gorgeous jewellery on there. I'm in love with the 'Tropical Fruits' bracelet. Yum!

When I arrived home yesterday I was surprised at the amount of leaves that had fallen off the trees over the weekend - the driveway is covered in them. Not all the trees are losing their leaves yet, though. I wandered down the road and took a photo of 'Mum's Tree' this morning and its leaves are only just starting to turn that yellowy colour. This huge, ancient oak was Mum's favourite tree and she always said that if they ever cut it down she'd move (our house is just behind it in this photograph) and she used to get all irate if she ever heard the council out and about doing general hedgerow maintenance with their chainsaws and strimmers. She'd make one of us go and see what they were doing and to check that they weren't touching 'her tree'. The oak's got a preservation order on it but Mum never quite trusted the council men with their chainsaws!


Catherine said...

Hi Laura!

How exciting to meet one of your long time customers! Her jewellery is indeed lovely. Maybe that guy who commented on your hair was a hairdresser. Hopefully not someone with a hair fetish - eek.

I love you mum's tree - it's beautiful. I love trees - we've got loads in our garden to prove it. I've got a thing about trees -my blood boils when someone chops one down for no good reason!

Laura said...

Yes, it was lovely to meet Kanina and to finally put a face to the name and emails!

The guy who commented on my 'do was a kind of Dominic Littlewood type .....

I like trees too. Not in a hippie-tree-hugging sense, but they're just nice things. We did have two beautiful cherry trees in the back garden for years but they had to go because their roots were causing all sorts of trouble. I like willow trees, especially weeping willows. So pretty.

Caroline B said...

There are certainly some lovely pieces on Kanina's site. That's a fine old tree - I love a nice shaped tree to paint(on paper, not the tree....)

Catherine said...

Hi Laura - I should also have said, what a lovely memory you have of your mum!

Catherine x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Laura the tree is beautiful!, and so is Kaninas' jewellery and website! Glad you enjoyed your weekend :)

Janine xx