Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Conkers Bonkers

Thank you for all your comments and emails about spiders. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in acting like a total nutter when I see one!

Thanks too to Shari and Lynne for suggesting the conker thing. I've just been out and gathered a huge boxful and I now have a one bowl of conkers in the shed, one in the upstairs bathroom and one on my bedroom windowsill. I've also gone and squirted liberal amounts of spider spray everywhere!


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Good luck laura just read your other post and I do sympathise it must be terrible feeling that affraid of spiders! I for one am a spider fan they really dont both me if I see one in my room I just pick it up and put it outside. Although them bigger buggers can be buggers to catch!!! Hope the conkers work on the pesky blighters!!! And I hope you still managed to make some super beadies!!!

Janine x

Laura said...

Cheers Janine!

Yeah, that's the problem with the big ones - bigger legs = faster spider!

And yes, I did get some beads made although I was on edge the whole time.

Hope the new job's going well?

Laura x

shari Mumby said...

Aren't conkers beautiful, Laura?!

Anyhoo..I've asked Sis about the sensors, they work on sounds only audible to spiders (apparently!) Obviously the one that crawled on her had a hearing problem. She got them from...wait for it..QVC. Her place is very 'spidery' and she still gets the odd one but there has been a vast improvement.x

Laura said...

Conkers are nice, Shari - lovely colour!

Ooooh. Thanks for the spider sensor info. I shall have a look on the QVC website. Not sure I can hack the presenters on the TV channel ......

Laura x

Caroline B said...

Of course you do know that the amount of spiders you eat while asleep during your lifetime is quite staggering..........sorry, I'm working on the theory that you are too far away to hit me!!!

Laura said...

Thanks Caroline. And yes, if you were within hitting distance I'd give you a slap for that! ;o)

Laura x