Thursday, 18 October 2007

Blueberry Liquorice Swirls

Yep - that's the name that I went for, as suggested by Lynne. Well done, Lynne! Please can you send me an email with your full name and address and I'll get some beads in the post to you.

Big thank yous to everyone who entered the bead naming contest. There were so many fab names there and it was really difficult to pick a winner. It was fun though and I reckon I'll do another name-that-bead thing soon!

I've been tarting up my website today. Please click here if you'd like to take a look at the newly re-decorated Beads By Laura.


Gemheaven said...

Site and blog looks fab Laura and the beads were delicious - shame I missed them though ;'( lol


Laura said...

Thanks Jo

I added the beads and they went immediately so I didn't get a chance to tell anyone they were there.

Laura x

Lynne Senior said...

Woohoo! I can't believe I won, I never win anything! Thank you Laura!! I really like the new look. I'm off to send you an email! Lynne x

Laura said...

Well done Lynne! :o)

Laura x

Catherine said...

I'm afraid it's the bead-licking phenomenon again Laura. That heart really is good enough to eat, particularly with the name you've given it! ;-) The beads are fantastic, as always.

Catherine x