Friday 22 August 2008

Big Hole Beads

Big Hole Lampwork Beads For Pandora BraceletsA rather ungracious name but it describes these perfectly!

These beads don't have a silver core and they're not going to get one either. That way I save time and stress (accidentally bashing up beads is quite disheartening) and in return that means that they won't be too pricey. Also, because of the lack of a silver core I can take the surface design right to the edges of the bead. The bead holes are 5mm diameter and the beads fit onto a Pandora bracelet, as shown, and will therefore fit all other collect-a-bead/charm bracelet systems.

But of course, they don't have to go onto charm bracelets. I'm sure you jewellery makers could find some interesting ways of incorporating them into your designs.

So what do you think? Should I make more?

Oh, and if you can think of a better name for them than 'Big Hole Beads' then please leave your name suggestions in my comments section!


  1. Oh lovely! Just my colours. I'm hopeless at coming up with names, but I'm sure someone will come up with something for you!

  2. I think they are grrrrrrrrreat! Who needs silver cores!


  3. Torus Beads...I googled doughnut if you're wondering...Gorgeous, definitely more please!

  4. Bagels? Loving all the variations on this pattern theme.

  5. Goody! Glad you like them. :o)

    Jo - I really like the word 'Torus'. I like it a lot!

    Laura x

  6. Thought you might, it sounds kinda spacey to me too...Hubby bought a new golf club yesterday so things need evening out a bit (not that I mentioned the other set, which I lurve by the way!!) x

  7. It does sound spacey.

    Glad you like your beads! I love how a golf club instantly equals beads. Brilliant! ;o)

  8. I believe you can have Toroid too, the geometry got a bit too technical for me to read in depth though! Shall tune in later x

  9. Oh wow - love them! Definitely need one of those 'Torus' beads on my big 'ole bracelet. ;-)

    HP xxx

  10. Um...I seriously would like to see your "reject" (quotes are purposeful) beads...I agree with Chris...

    I had a bag of my reject beads in my purse to send to my niece (what is it about nieces and beads?). Someone asked to see some of my beads. I pulled out my rejects, pointed out the flaws (foolish me) and fun I was having.......She bought 20 of them leaving me 3 to send......***blink, blink*** Whaaaat? So, I've been thinking I need to re-name my "reject" beads to beta beads or something like that....

    Beads that are the second brightest in the Laura Bead constellation, and still twinkly and spectacular to the rest of us, just need a new name…So, since your site has space references, how about something like, Canopus beads..."Canopus is the second brightest star in the nighttime sky after Sirius" ( So, your first-rate beads are your Sirius line. (I love the wordplay, Sirius/serious) beads. (Me thinks I’ve had too much coffee. Brain won’t turn off…)


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