Wednesday 13 August 2008

'Merry Berry'

Merry Berry Lampwork BeadsAfter purchasing a copy of Sarah Hornik's excellent Think Pink! E-Book I decided to get my Rubino Oro glass out and have a play. I'm glad I did. These 'Merry Berry' beads featuring deep, rich pinks were the result. Quite vibrant, aren't they?

You may have noticed that I've done a spot of blog re-decorating. I've been twiddling about with templates on and off for weeks trying to find one that I like and I've finally settled on this one . . . . . for now!


  1. good template choice missus ;)

  2. Yeah! Though not quite as bright and colourful as yours. ;o)

    I find the Blogger templates quite limited. Only a couple work with how I want it to look in my head.

  3. 'WOW' Laura Those are to die for!

    I would be over the moon just to have one of those lovelies to drool over, if I got the whole set I'd be in heaven. :o)

  4. Glad you like them! :o)

    There are some more (without bobbly bits) in the pipeline .....

  5. Laura they are fantastic, I love the colour combo - I say more pink lovlies please


  6. Ummm...yummy beads Laura!

  7. yeah, they are but this template is ok. better than my last one i think. got bored of the dots & it didn't really fit my work. they seem to be quite busy behind the scenes on blogger tho so maybe we'll get more choice soon.


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