Saturday 16 August 2008

Look what I found!

Clarice Cliff DinnerwareYesterday's loft clearance went well. My Uncle Matthew came down from Oxford to help and we had the loft totally emptied within three hours. We've also sorted through most of it so Project Loft is moving along nicely.

I did have a bit of a find. Almost ten years ago my Grandma's cousin Joyce died and she kindly left me a share of her crockery, china and glassware in her will. I went along and collected umpteen plates, vases, bowls, cups and saucers and I carefully wrapped them all in newspaper and boxed them up. I made a note on the lid of each box describing its contents and then put them up in the loft.

Yesterday Uncle Matthew handed me a box that said 'Clarice Cliff' on it in my handwriting. Then he handed me another and another. Ten years ago I obviously had no idea who Clarice Cliff was. I mean, I'd heard the name but at the time it didn't register. But now, with a good few years of watching Flog It, Bargain Hunt, Antiques Roadshow and Cash In The Attic behind me I realised that those three boxes could be pretty important!

Clarice Cliff DinnerwareThey contained thirty three pieces of dinnerware in total - six dinner plates, six large side plates, five bread plates (obviously one got broken at some point), six soup bowls and soup bowl saucer things, one large platter, one smaller one, a tureen and lid and a sauce boat. They're marked 'Royal Staffordshire, A J Wilkinson Ltd' and they have the Clarice Cliff stamp on them too. I spent most of last night trawling the internet for information about my find but to no avail. I found one reference on the whole of the web which suggests that that my Clarice crockery is from circa 1930, but apart from that I know nothing about it. I can't even find a name for the design but what I have gathered is that the crockery is not the sought-after 'high end' Clarice Cliff stuff.

Whatever its value, it's a great find and I'm sure I shall be spending lots more time trying to find out more about my Clarice Cliff dinnerware. If anyone out there reading this has any knowledge about it I'd love to hear from you. Please send me an email at with any information you have.


  1. Oooh! It's fun to shop in the closet. Have you tried I found some dishes I bought at an estate sale on there. You only get about 10-15% of what they offer for retail, but it might be a place to start.

  2. Oooh! We definitely don't have any thing as exciting as that in our loft - it's full of baby clothes, old teaching notes and climbing equipment mainly!


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