Friday 15 August 2008

Janine Byrom's Seashell Necklace

Janine Byrom Seashell NecklaceIsn't this beautiful? This 'She Sells Sea Shells' necklace was made by Janine Byrom of Cherished Trinkets and when I saw it on her Flickr photostream last night I was gobsmacked! Janine has used a set of my glass Seashells along with some of my Wiggle beads to create this summery necklace. Don't the beads work well together? I think they look fabulous with the gold. You can read more about Janine's gorgeous necklace on her blog.

I always love to see what my customers do with my lampwork. My beads leave me and go off on their travels and I'm always left wondering what they get up to. If you've got photos of jewellery made with my beads please email them to me - I'd love to see!

Right. The skip's just been delivered so I'm off up into the Temple Of Doom loft. Who knows what I'll discover?! Wish me luck .....


  1. That really is gorgeous - very sunny!

  2. Thanks Laura! I love using your beads and saved these ones for something special! ;o)

    J xxx


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