Thursday 7 August 2008

Old Favourites

Laura Sparling Lampwork BeadsMy favourite kind of beads to make - lots of stringer, many dots and a whole load of precision! I was on a bit of a roll with these 'Serenity' beads. I'm really pleased with the colour combination. I love purple and teal together and I think that the glacier blue works nicely with them. Very relaxing colours.

My glass order finally arrived and I've been playing with seeded glass which is packed full of tiny microbubbles. It gives a wonderful fizzy effect. These 'Pink Froth' beads are pink seeded glass cased in clear.

Seeded Glass Lampwork BeadsI've got clear, pale blue and pale amber seeded glass too so I'll be experimenting with that next time I'm in the shed. Plus I've got a new stash of pink and pale green glass and you all know how much I love those two together! Glass orders are great - my head gets full of beady ideas as soon as I open that box, dive into the polystyrene packing chips and break open that bubblewrap. I'm easily pleased, me!


  1. Beautiful beads Mrs! Gorgeous dot and stringer work as always. Scrummy!

    HP xxx


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