Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Seeded Glass Lampwork BeadsI'm liking this seeded glass. It's 'fizziness' makes the beads sparkle and twinkle and anything that sparkles and twinkles is always a hit with me!

I took the afternoon off today to empty the cupboard in my bedroom in preparation for the move. That might sound like a small task but trust me, it was a mammoth one. It's one of those cupboards that's full of stuff that you don't want to throw away just in case you need it again for some strange reason. When I was a kid I used to use the cupboard to perform lightning-fast bedroom tidying. I'd open the door, sling all my junk in and quickly slam it shut. That backfired on me once when Mum came upstairs to do a bedroom check. She opened the cupboard and a load of clothes, shoes, cassettes, soft toys and several dozen copies of Smash Hits fell out into a big heap on the floor!

I found a couple of those copies of Smash Hits in the cupboard today along with some old Jason Donovan cassettes, my Take That scrapbooks (yes - I was that sad), my A-Level Art coursework, a framed photograph of Hugh Grant (from the Four Weddings floppy-hair era), some shockingly bad photographs of a seventeen year old me, a scrotty old pair of Brian-the-snail-from-The-Magic-Roundabout slippers, a tattered poster of Damon from Blur, an equally tattered one of Jarvis Cocker and many many other random things! It took me a few hours but I eventually got it all sorted. The cupboard yielded two huge bags of rubbish and one huge bag for the charity shop. All that's left in there are my CDs and the shockingly bad photographs of a seventeen year old me!

The next task is the loft which we're going to tackle on Friday. It's going to be a nightmare! It contains thirty years worth of junk including old bikes, old furniture, thousands of books and hundreds of old toys . . . . . not to mention cobwebs and spiders. Gah!